New Baby Essentials

I get asked this all the time about what are the top items that you HAVE to have when registering for a new baby.  Here is my list of the Top 10 items for a newborn baby:

1. Poppy Pillow. These U shaped pillows are AMAZING.  Not only are they wonderful for when you are trying to nurse of feed your newborn baby, but once your newborn becomes an infant they are wonderful for tummy time and for learning how to sit up on their own.  I also recommend buying at least two covers for your Boppy Pillow, just in case your baby spits up.




2. KickeePants Nightgowns. These nightgowns not only are super soft, but have ADORABLE prints.  I recommend the ones with the snaps down the front for easy access in the middle of the night when changing your newborns diaper.  The last thing you are going to want to have to worry about is a snap or a zip from a onesie.  These nightgowns just lift up.




3. MyBaby SoundSpa Portable.  This noise maker is great because it has 6 different sounds to choose from including the static sound as well as the heartbeat, but it also has a rain sound and a beach wave sound.  It plugs in or you can add batteries which is great for when you are traveling and forget to pack the cord.  They also make a compact one for the car that you can find here. A noise maker is a must for a new baby because it helps soothe them when sleeping.




4. Aden and Anais Swaddles.  These swaddles are not only adorable, but come in 3 packs that are great because you will go through a ton of them during the first few months with your new baby.  Not only can you use these blankets to swaddle but they are great for a nursing cover up or covering the car seat when baby is sleeping, or for a blanket to put baby on for tummy time.  I highly recommend these swaddles.



5. Aden and Anais Sleep Sack.  Or the Halo Sleep Sack. These sleep sacks are the perfect sacks for your newborn baby to sleep in after they finish the swaddle stage.  Not only are they light weight but they are super soft.  It’s the perfect thing to put your new baby in at night so that they don’t get too chilly during the night.  Plus once again the prints are super cute!


6. Aquaphor Babies and Cetaphil  and Dr. Smith’s Diaper Cream. These 3 lotions and creams are staples in my house. The Aquaphor we use for any cut or burn or irritation. The Cetaphil we use for my son’s eczema and it clears it up really quickly.  The Dr. Smith’s Diaper cream is for sure a miracle worker as well.


8. Motorola Baby Monitor. This monitor is amazing because you can add multiple cameras to it (if you have more than one baby).  Plus you can push a button and talk to your baby and it plays music too.


9. Honest Diapers and Honest Breathe Easy Rub.  I love my honest bundle because you get to select from really cute organic diapers as well as you get a discount on all of the honest products with each shipment.  I love that it comes directly to my door every 4 weeks and diapers and wipes are one less thing I have to worry about as a mom. I LOVE the Breathe Easy Rub for when my babies get sick.  It’s organic and you can use it as young as 3 months for when they are congested.

10. Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano gym. This toy is awesome for tummy time and for hours of entertainment. Both of my children have loved it! It comes in green or pink!


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