Finding Balance


So I’m going through a horrible part of being a stay a home mom.  I’m starting to feel like I miss my career and being around other people.  I love what I do, but I miss the freedom to just go.  I know I can’t be the only mom in history that has felt this way, a total feeling of missing out.  So what to do?  I have two days a week for mother’s day out for Benny, that is time for bonding with Will.  During this time I would love to find a job that I can do from home, on my time, just two days a week.  So when I googled what to do if you are a stay at home mom for a job, you get the weird jobs like “be a website reviewer” or “be a virtual assistant.” I know this sounds terrible but before I had kids I was great at selling, so to go into a field that isn’t my cup of tea sounds like a nightmare.  My husband is currently in the process of finding a new job, and I’m so excited for him but a part of me is so incredibly green with envy.  I miss getting up early, putting on an ACTUAL outfit (not spandex or jeans with holes) and driving to work listening to Ryan Seacrest calling people out on Ryan’s Roses, and driving to Starbuck where they knew me and knew my cup of joe before I even opened my mouth.  I miss the hunt of calling new prospects and pitching and landing a huge deal.  So for me the idea of being a virtual assistant just sounds like chalk on a chalkboard.  I love my children but I feel like I want more.  Am I a terrible mom?!  So I sit here, from 10am-1pm (nap time for both kiddos) and think to myself what can this mom do to a. make money, and b. get back into a career that I also loved? For now I will continue to be the best stay at home momma in the business.

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