the best outdoor toys for toddlers / top 5

Guys, if my son could live outside he would. For that reason alone we spend about 95% of our time in our backyard.  When I was looking for toys to keep the boy entertained I had to ask myself a couple of questions.  1. Will this toy drive me nuts? 2. Will it fit in my backyard? 3. If my two dogs chew the toy by accident of course, will the toy hold up?  4. Will the toy keep my kids attention for more then the time it takes me to drink my full cup of coffee. If the answer was yes then the toy was a go.  Here are my top 5 picks for backyard toys.

1. The Step 2 Up and Down Roller Coaster. (Retails for around $99) This bad boy provides HOURS, and I mean HOURS of entertainment. The other great thing about it is that it comes in essentially 6 pieces including the coaster car, that you literally can pick up with one hand and move if needed because its super lightweight.  The other great thing about it is if you have a kid that LOVES cars (like mine) then it pretty much acts as an additional beep beep that they can play with. Click here to check it out!

2.  Play Set / Swing Set combo. (Retails between $600 up to $1,300) This is truly an investment piece because once you commit to it there is no moving it around, which can be a negative.   It’s also on the pricey side.  That being said, this toy will buy you HOURS and HOURS of entertainment.  It’s also great because it will grow with your child throughout the years.  Benny received his play set when he was just one years old, because I told my mom I wanted a toy that we wouldn’t just play with when he was a toddler but also when he was older.  When we first got it he only really wanted to swing, but after a while he started to figure it out and is now able to climb up to the second story solo (which freaks me out each time).  Click here to check it out!

3. ATV Four Wheeler for Toddlers. (Retails from $70 up to $90) My child is OBSESSED with his ATV.  You can ride it on grass or the sidewalk with no issues. There are girl and boy versions of this toy. Click here for the girl version and here for the boy version.


4. Plastic Baby Pool. (Retails $14.60) There are a TON of different kinds of baby pools on the market! We actually own two, one that is a soft plastic and one that is a solid plastic.  Not only are they great for filling with water on a hot day, but they are also great for inside the house on a rainy day.  You can make your very own ball pit by adding some of these plastic balls (Retail for $29).

5. Water Table / Sand Table. (Retails around $50 to $60) What is great about these tables is that your kiddos can get wet/dirty but not 100% wet/dirty like the kiddie pool.  The water table is great for cognitive development and you can throw old wooden spoons and plastic cups in for extra fun!

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